Work, Rest and Play: Your Business Trip Can Combine Them All

There is a growing trend among business travelers to combine their business trips with some free time to spend doing what they want. A Carlson Wagonlit Travel (CWT) report revealed this bleisure trend, which is particularly popular among young people.

If you like the sound of turning boring business trips into something more exciting, here are some tips for how you can do so.

Book an Extra Weekend Onto the End of Your Trip

One of the best ways to combine business and pleasure on your next business trip is to add an extra weekend onto the end of your trip.

If you will be staying from Monday to Friday, add on an extra couple of nights. That way you will have a whole weekend to enjoy to yourself, and you can get back in time for the start of the next working week.

Research and Plan an Itinerary

You’ll want to research carefully before you go. Some business areas of a city can get very quiet over the weekend, and you don’t want to hang around only to get bored.

You’ll also want to research all the things that you can do in your destination. Do some quick research online, read a Lonely Planet guide to your city, or head to TripAdvisor to find customer reviews of restaurants and attractions.

Choose Your Hotel with Care

Make sure the location is well suited for both your business and pleasure activities. It should firstly be somewhere easy to reach. For example, if you’re traveling to Washington and arriving at Washington Dulles airport, a convenient option like the Marriott Westfields might be suitable.

Also, find somewhere with a conference center and other business facilities, but one that will be comfortable for your pleasure time as well. For example, a hotel that comes with a fitness center, restaurant, Wifi, or a spa can be a good option.

Book Tickets for Shows and Attractions

Once you’ve found some things that you would like to see, you should book up any tickets you need in advance. For example, check whether there are any shows on that you might like to check out or art exhibitions. Then book a ticket so you won’t be disappointed when you arrive.

Pack for Business and Leisure

You’ll also want to make sure that you pack for both the business side of your trip and for when you will be enjoying your free time. This can put a strain on your hand luggage allowance, so think carefully about what you should pack. Try to pack light but make sure you have something more comfortable to wear for sightseeing.

Enjoy Your Bleisure Trip

There is no reason why business travel has to be boring. If you’re tired of constantly visiting new places but never getting any time to explore because your time is taken up with meetings and business activities, consider turning your next trip into a “bleisure” trip.

That way you can enjoy the best of both worlds and get to see the things you really want to see in each new location you travel to.