What to Do if Your Shop has Been Broken Into

Shop burglary is a common occurrence for most shop owners in the UK. It is often a painful experience that leaves shop owners recounting massive losses. However, the manner in which you react to a particular burglary can make a difference when it comes to volume of losses. It can determine whether you will survive the incident or not. Here are a few tips on what to do in case someone breaks into your shop.

Call the Police

This is the immediate action you should take when you realize your store has been broken into. The longer you wait, the harder it will be to get everything back. Establishing a fast contact with the police will increase their chances of catching the criminals since it is likely that they are still nearby.

Don’t Touch Anything

Always resist the temptation to touch or clean up everything after the burglary. The police need to have first-hand information on what they are dealing with. In the process of cleaning, you might interfere with the fingerprints that are crucial for investigations. The insurance company also needs to see what they are handling.

Take Pictures of the Scene

Regardless of how good your memory is, take pictures of the scene immediately. The photographs of the scene will prove that something is missing from the store. It will be quite helpful for the police in tracking down the burglars. It is also a source of evidence that you can use to file for claims from the insurance company. However, never try to take pictures of the thieves even if you get the opportunity. Let them go.

File reports and Insurance Claims

You can choose to file a report at the police station or file it online. Once the report is complete, take it to your insurance company. They will need all the information the police have to enable them to make reasonable decisions regarding the incident. You can then go ahead and file your insurance claim. If you are living in the UK, the process should not take more than two weeks.

Cancel the Cheque books

In case you left the cheque book or any other crucial financial information at the cash register, ensure you cancel it out with your bank. At this point, the best thing you need to do to yourself is play it safe throughout.

Audit the Security Systems

You need to re-examine the security system and highlight any possible breach that might have contributed to the burglary. If the windows were broken, start repairing them using more advanced techniques. Ensure everything is replaced and fully functional to prevent another similar incident. In case you are still not satisfied by everything you have done so far, contact security experts for advice.

Handle the Emotions

This is quite an emotional time for you and your employees. Don’t strive to play a hero in such situations by doing something that might compromise the emotional stability of both parties.