What Benefits Come with Gloss Coated Paper Bags?

You’ve probably noticed that paper bags come in all forms and flavours these days. Of course, the freedom to customize anything from paper grade to handle type and overall design can help set your business apart and create the ideal product to meet your needs, but you might find yourself unsure by the time it comes to decide on coating options. 

Coated paper is easy enough to understand – it uses a surface sealant to provide qualities such as surface gloss and added durability. It also comes in several finishes, including gloss, matte, dull and satin. Each type of finish has its own pros and cons, but here are just a few reasons why you might want to choose gloss for your paper bags. 

High Sheen 

All coated papers produce a more premium appearance than uncoated papers, but gloss is often preferred by any business looking for bags with a decidedly luxurious air thanks to its high sheen. The surface of gloss coated paper bags will be almost reflective, which helps get across the high-end nature of your products and immediately captures the attention of anyone else who sees them.

Low Bulk 

Most businesses and customers prefer coated paper bags since they are more durable, but that added bulk can sometimes be a problem. Gloss paper represents the best of both worlds since it has less bulk than other types. That also means gloss paper bags tend to be a little less expensive than other coated paper bags. 

Excellent Definition 

If you’re investing in coated paper bags, you’ll want the branding and design you pick to really pop and choosing a gloss coat can make that happen. Gloss coating reduces ink absorption, which provides excellent colour definition, high contrasts, and a wide selection of colour options. That’s why it’s often used for marketing materials.