Ways To Save Money On Entertainment Costs

It is possible to have fun while being budget friendly as well. This will take work as the easier option is just to pay to be entertained. Saving money on entertainment isn’t always easy but it is possible to do in nearly every situation. This will take research and possibly going to a show at a time you wouldn’t have liked. Some people just don’t know it is possible to save money while still having fun. The following are some ways you can save money on your entertainment costs.


There are plenty of different options to watch a movie besides the theaters. Theaters can be costly and if you want something to eat or drink, your budget is already blown. HMV has plenty of music and movies to download and now that they have coupons on Groupon, they are more affordable than ever. With the introduction of smart TVs it has become easier than ever to stream right to your TV. There are also movies that are set up for free in some cities. In New York City, there is a night for movies in Central Park that is free to everyone.

Going out to eat is what most people spend a majority of their entertainment budget on. Going out to eat is fine but splurging is not quite a budget friendly. Avoiding alcohol when dining out seems counterintuitive to many people but alcohol is where restaurants do the largest markup. For the price of two glasses of wine at certain restaurants you can buy multiple bottles of the same wine. If you are going to have a drink, ask if there are any specials.

Taking advantage of student discounts or military discounts is important. The percentage that these discounts save can be immense at certain times. There are even certain places where military get free service on certain days. Look up local places that offer these types of discounts.

As you can see just because you have a large entertainment budget doesn’t mean that you should use it all. Be financially responsible and put the excess entertainment budget toward something like a vacation or even a new car. What do you do to save on entertainment?