Want to Know Why Sand and Water Play Equipment is Great for Seaside Hotels?

Seaside hotels often cater to children, so it’s nice to include some play equipment to keep them entertained. You might be thinking about adding items such as swing sets, slides, and climbing frames, but why not choose sand and water play equipment instead?

Here are just a few reasons why you should.

Engages Different Children

Seaside hotels need to entertain lots of different children. Sure, most kids love using climbing frames, slides, and swings, but not all of them – in fact, disabled children will often be entirely unable to use such equipment. Sand and water equipment can be used by kids of many different abilities, so nobody is going to feel left out.

Remains Interesting

One of the challenges that hotels face with their playgrounds is that equipment needs to stay interesting. A child might visit their local park once a week, but they’ll probably visit a hotel park every day they’re staying there. Slides, swings, and see-saws can get pretty boring day after day, but sand and water equipment lets children experiment and get creative, so it tends to hold their interest for longer.

Prevents Overheating

Another issue with seaside play equipment is that people are clearly going to enjoy visiting most when it’s hot outside. While climbing up and down ladders and swinging around on monkey bars, children can overheat quite easily when the sun is really shining. Sand and water equipment lets them play to their heart’s content without the more strenuous exercise that contributes to overheating.

Play in Sand Away from the Beach

Children are naturally going to want to play around in the sand – it’s one of the key attractions of the beach! Unfortunately, your other guests might just want to sit along the beach and relax without being bothered by children at play, so why not give the kids a place to mess around with sand away from the beach itself.

Play in Water Away from the Sea

And just as playing with sand away from the beach is nice, so too is playing in the water away from the sea. Younger children often find it hard to enjoy the sea due to strong currents and potential creepy-crawlies. Let them enjoy playing with water away from the hazards of the sea.