The Correct Way to Do Your Business Branding

While in most cases the effects of time come with the type of technology which very quickly renders some traditional practices obsolete, fundamentally the core principles of success in business and business marketing in particular remain the same. There might be some new media channels even the oldest of businesses would have to adapt to, but fundamentally it all goes right back down delivering your message and getting your offer in front of whomever you’re targeting as your market.

Branding comes into focus as an increasingly neglected element of the marketing strategy of those businesses operating in the modern world, mostly because the typical marketing strategy is dominated by a focus on the digital side of things. There’s no downplaying the importance of digital marketing as perhaps even a major part of your strategy, but the genesis of all effective and successful marketing resides in branding. And, when it comes to branding, there’s definitely a correct way of doing it and not-so-clever way of doing it.

Establishing uniqueness

The one thing you want to make sure of when commissioning the media to form part of your branding is indeed uniqueness. Don’t scrimp on getting your logo done. There’s a reason why you never hear a story of how a cheap logo bought for $5 on those online gig sites goes on to become part of an iconic company. You get what you pay for. The logos of some of the biggest and most iconic companies in the world are indeed some of the simplest you’ll ever come across and that’s by design.

Go with a designer or design team that throws some research into the process of designing your logo and other branding elements for your business. This will make your job of building up a reputation around your brand that much easier.

Be like a cat!

That’s right…you didn’t read wrong. When it comes to the correct way of branding, you need to be like a cat. If you didn’t know any better, when your cat was lovesick then you wouldn’t know, would you? Cats act like you’re kind of bothering them when you caress and stroke them, whereas they totally love it. That’s how you should be with your branding. Don’t be too “out there” as this might have you coming across as a bit desperate.

This leads us onto the next pointer, which is how to create a positive association with your brand.

Constructing a natural association with your brand

The associations you create with your brand need to be as natural as possible, but you need to be picky about that as well to create an air of scarcity. While the ready availability of 3m dual lock tape from Viking Tapes means that you can put up your signs, banners, logo, etc on the cheap, that doesn’t mean you have to plaster this branding media of yours all across town, on every single surface you can manage. Be strategic with this approach and aim for some places you can exhibit your brand which will have the most marketing impact.

It’s a bit like the real-world version of avoiding spamming everyone.