I can’t do this on my own (or more I don’t want to!), so if you want to help a brother out by sending in your own articles, then feast your beady eyes on the below.

The site is about business & budgeting, so keep it along those lines, think something like:

  • career advice/job interview tips
  • savings hints
  • discount offers
  • how to manage your money better
  • how to lead in a business meeting

If we can make life simpler for one person, I’ll be a happy bunny. Before you go offering “5 ways to get a new job” – think about it; does anyone actually want to know that? think outside of the box; send something funny or quirky that will make people think.

So here’s a few things to consider when sending in your posts:

  • No copying + pasting. I’ll tell you to shove it.
  • Offer something unique – your own experiences maybe?
  • Use English – if it doesn’t read well I’ll forward straight to the trashcan. No one’s reading that, not even the binmen
  • Use proper paragraphs
  • Cut the crap – if it ain’t true, I don’t wanna know.
  • Provide useful content – 500 words minimum please. Unless you’re a motivational speaker, you’re not going to get your message across in 15 words, so send something useful in.

Right, now that’s out the way,use the form below to send me a message. We’ll be working together in no time!