The SEO Trendsetters in 2018 You Can’t Miss

If your business doesn’t do SEO, it has no chance of survival in 2018. What emerged as a simple plan to make your website visible to online users has now become an integral part of a business’ growth and advancement.

2018 will be no different. SEO will continue to dominate the online marketing world. To know more about SEOs changing online outlook and its importance for businesses, check out our #SEOUncovered series. To know more about SEO trendsetters in 2018, read below.

New content

It’s been a while since we saw a change in the type of content SEO offered. It all started with short meaningful lines which were overtaken by lengthy explanations and now we have reached a point where short but very informative sentences are trending. If you can’t keep your content precise and hard-hitting, you are losing the SEO battle.

Emergence of AMP’s

Accelerated Mobile Pages allow a webpage to load instantly on mobile devices. In fact, websites load 4 times faster than before and use 8 times less data to do so.  Google has started to give importance to websites with AMPs, especially now when mobile traffic has left desktop traffic far behind. It is even marking them with a small lightning bolt icon so users know that a page will load faster than its counterparts. Make AMPs a part of your SEO strategy this year.

User experience

If users are spending more time on your website, Google will likely rank it higher than its competition. The search engine is now focusing on pages with more engagement. The algorithms are designed in such a way that a popular tweet from your account may now get ranked higher than your website, simply because of higher engagement level.

Obviously, longer time spent on a website means better customer experience in an age where people have smaller attention spans than a goldfish.

Featured snippets have gained momentum among businesses which are trying to grasp position #1 in SERP. If you evolve your strategy to meet the standards set by Google for featured snippets, then your profits may finally sky rocket.

Organic search SEO

While many experts have warned that SEO has its limitations, yet new ways of getting discovered by users are always being discovered. One such discovery is the use of organic search SEO to beat competition and grab the number 1 position in SERP. It focuses on building trust based relationship with the consumer.

Mobile phone becomes the new king, again

It is highly likely that in 2018 businesses will turn towards mobile phones as the core of their SEO planning.  About 57% of web traffic can be attributed to mobile devices. More importantly, keywords tend to rank differently on mobiles compared to desktop which pushes planners to work more on mobile SEO.

Growing importance of visual search

Users have always given importance to visual content and this trend seems to grow stronger each year. Powerful images are the easiest way to grab users’ attention. Don’t believe us? Check out how Instagram and Snapchat are leading social media brands and influencers more than Facebook.

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