My Rhône-Alpes Dream Winter Home

I would imagine when most people think about or discuss their dream homes in France they would be looking much further south towards the French Riviera as opposed to the likes of Rhône-Alpes, but that is indeed the location for my particular dream home – my dream winter home. Don’t get me wrong; I’m as much of a fun-in-the-sun type of guy who loves the great outdoors as they exist during the warmer months of the year, but if I’m to be completely honest my preference as far as a dream home lies on the eastern border of the France.

I can’t imagine those who prefer the south would explicitly point to Monaco as their number one preference though, since there isn’t really much space, so perhaps St. Tropez would be the preference.

Anyway, getting back to my winter home preference, it actually took spending an entire year without experiencing winter to realise just how much I actually love the winter season. Winter sort of makes me appreciate summer more whenever it comes back around, you know, like it’s quite refreshing how the first of the spring bloom becomes visible after a long winter?

I do appreciate the actual cold of the winter itself as well though and I see it as somewhat of an equaliser, if you know what I mean.

Okay, so yeah, I do love a bit of skiing (okay no, a lot of skiing) when I’m AFK (Away From Keyboard) and there’s something about the ice cold weather which makes every last one of the 10 cups of coffee I enjoy per day that much tastier. The same goes for anything which is synonymous with the cold winter months as a means through which to combat the cold, like going out when it’s a bit warmer (less cold) to chop some log wood (or get it from a nearby dealer) and then coming back indoors to start up the fireplace. Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it?

It would perhaps also become a bit of ritual I guess to bring out all the winter gear, including throws, thicker curtains which are better suited for the cold and perhaps I’ll find a great use yet for that old, three-legged iron pot I inherited from my grandmother. We’d be filling up on some hearty soup while that fine selection of luxury bedding sets from Julian Charles I saw would go well with the three-bedroom apartment I imagine the dream home would be!

But why exactly is my #EscapeForWinter right in the heart of the snowy, cold slopes of the Rhone Alps? Well that’s because I’d spend pretty much all my time skiing the slopes if I’m not busy with the winter business of the property’s interior that is, otherwise it would make for a great investment business-wise. I’m thinking holiday resort for people who have a flair for skiing or indeed for those who want to learn how to ski. This would make for a perfect lodging place which doubles up as my very own dream winter holiday retreat – one which I’d naturally spend a good chunk of my time in.