The Real Estate Agent on Your Right Shoulder – Essential House Hunting Tips

The estimations suggesting we only spend 25 minutes viewing a house prior to purchasing it and calling it home don’t necessarily mean it’s a bad thing. Just like those romantic stories of couples who found love at first sight, it is indeed possible to fall head over heels in love with a house within mere minutes of stepping in to the front door.

Other times it turns out to be a matter of having listened to that real estate agent who sits on your left shoulder as they guide you through the house and give you a tour, no doubt highlighting the positive aspects of the house. There is indeed a lot of psychology at play here and if you observe the situation carefully, you might just realise that somewhere, somehow the agent giving you a tour of the house will find a way to point out any links to special requirements you might have had.

The key is not to rush into anything though, even if there appears to be some sort of urgency slapped on a particular property you reckon might just grow on you, but aren’t quite sure about it yet. Let it go…after all, buying a home is a huge commitment and you’ll essentially be stuck with your choice for quite a bit of time to come, even if you decide it’s not quite the one for you after you actually experience living in it.

In line with the #PerfectHouseDate campaign however (The Law House) – @thelawhouseUK (Twittter), @thelawhouse (Facebook) – our focus is more of a positive one with regards to finding your perfect home. It’s really just the same real estate agent as the one who sits on your left shoulder, but when this agent of yours hits the right notes by way of practicality, then they are sitting on your right shoulder. This is when you should listen carefully for some cues that will really help you make the right decision.

Make a list (write it down if you have to) of some features which you’re simply not willing to compromise on and stick to your guns. Don’t be swayed by some virtues of the real estate industry which don’t really have anything to do with what you want. For example, is an ocean view really that important to you, especially considering the fact that you’ll probably have to pay an extra few thousand pounds for it?

Keep an open mind and make the time and effort to actually go and physically view a house you’re considering buying. Don’t eliminate properties which on paper don’t quite meet the requirements on your wish list without giving them a chance, physically. Sometimes a property listing online or in the local real estate publication seems like nothing you’d want until you actually walk in and immediately feel like you’ve finally come home.

Lastly, don’t feel as if you’re being a pain in the neck of the agent. At the end of the day they’re looking to make commissions and there’s nothing wrong with that, but letting them in on exactly what you want and what you need will ensure those needs on both sides of the fence are met right in the middle.