Make More Collaborative Spaces for Better Productivity

When designing a workplace, you need to create a healthy and productive environment. Note that collaborative workspaces are always preferred more than traditional cubical spaces. The modern workspace is not designed for shift workers. Instead, they have become the hub of ideas that could be used to create viable products and services. This demands collaboration from then entire team. These spaces boast of fluid designs and movable furniture.

Why do you need fluid spaces?

Fluid designs of the workspace promote learning, collaboration and help improve team dynamics as well. When it comes to idea generation and helping encourage teamwork, nothing works better than a traditional workspace. We talked to The Plastic People about workspace innovation and how to make an office that really improves collaboration as well as employee satisfaction.

Group thinking helps in providing opportunities of employees that remain otherwise untapped resources for the organization. This helps in providing a rewarding life experience to the employees as well. No matter which project you are working on, you can bring employees from various departments together to create the best possible solutions.

How to make collaborative spaces work?

You could start with idea generation meetings with your entire staff or only with the people who are working on a specific project. You can create new projects on platforms like Google Docs to make online spaces for sharing and collaborating. You will be surprised how the people in your company provide valuable solutions and ideas to you. In fact, regular review meetings will also become more valuable if you are working in fluid spaces. It just becomes easier to keep everyone in loop. When people sit and work together, they are more productive than ever. This is also a valuable bonding exercise.

Run your business more efficiently

If you are looking for happy employees, ensure that you are always creating happy spaces. There are many talents and skills in your employees that can be utilized, once you give them a chance to express themselves. They can learn new things from each other and give each other new ideas as well. Cross-department collaboration is the key for a modern workspace. The more movable furniture you have in your office, the better your workspace will be. You can create new spaces in the old concept as well.

It is also important to create a physical thinking space in your office. Most of your new employees will be millennials and their workspace needs are far different from that of others. Desks and traditional cubicles may restrict their creative abilities. Open designs and movable furniture will help them feel at ease.

You can create this thinking space within your pantry as well. Just use plastic sheets on the tables. This helps in cleaning the tables easily and food crumbs or coffee spills are easily avoided. You always get a neat and clean space which allows your employees some food for thought as well as the liberty of some delicious snacks.