How Location Makes or Breaks a Business before It Even Begins

Sasha and Flora are two aspiring bakery chefs who are experts in wedding cakes and birthday cakes. This is not all; they make fantastic pastries as well. Both women have been admired for years, and now it is their time to shine. The two rented a similar sized bakery within a 5-mile distance of each other. However, Sasha quickly raked in her sales while Flora was struggling to pay the bills.

While they both were pastry chef’s par excellence, there was one subtle difference between their businesses. Sasha’s bakery was located near an affluent neighborhood, in a shopping, strip frequently visited by her target audience- women over 25, who may have young kids. Flora, on the other hand, had her business set up close to a commercial district where busy executives stopped by for a quick espresso but didn’t come to discuss plans for their grand wedding cake.

Your business depends on one factor…

Location, location, location. No matter how great your product and how pointed your marketing, your company may never really take off without an excellent location. Whether you are a bakehouse, a deli, a salon or just a regular office providing a boutique of services to your clients, your site will determine your rate of success. Here is how.


A business located in a place where employees can reach easily and where your suppliers can easily contact you is a great place to begin. Compare a company based near a 50-acre farmhouse in the country and an office located in the heart of the financial district. Where do you think employees, suppliers, customers, and clients can reach more easily? In our example, Flora’s customers couldn’t reach her because she was located very far off. To find the right location for your business, talk to Pall Mall Estates. You can see low cost but high-value real estate in any part of the UK here.

Customers like what they see

Even the most well-known brands in the world strive to be ‘visible.’ They want to be seen everywhere possible so that their potential customers remember them. You too should find out where your potential customers are and advertise right in front of them. Imagine, if you were based right at a place where your customers could see your ads and find you. The process of finding and keeping customers will become simpler and speedier.

Helps in building communities

Many people don’t realize that businesses don’t thrive in isolation. They need to be a part of a larger community, where several other offices and stores are located. This helps in finding new customers, networking and even getting referrals. Overall, it is a great community building exercise that helps in keeping your business secure.

Still not convinced that location could be the deal breaker for businesses with great potential. Compare your prospective business locations on the points mentioned above. They will find you find the right location, better business, and overall better brand quality.