Do You Know Your Logos? – Quiz

Specialist books printing services provider, Precision Printing, has come out with what is perhaps the toughest logo quiz on record, which will pose a serious challenge even to the savviest brand aficionado and most clued-up marketer.

Logos play a big role in our everyday lives, commuting with us as the logos on the cars we drive and on public transport systems. They occur on the packaging of our food and we see them in abundance in the places we go to shop, relax and socialise.

The ultimate job of a logo is to make consumers instantly recognise the underlying brand represented by the logo and so this tiny advert for the company represented should tell people all about what the organisation offers.

So, how effective are the logos of some of the most well-known brands at making the requisite impact? Complete the quiz below and test your logo-savvy – you might just be surprised at the results.