Keeping Your Office Clean and Tidy between Major Spring Cleans

If you have your #OfficeSpringClean done more than once a year then it’s a big office spring clean by name only, not in honour of the season over which it is traditionally completed, but that’s great practice. After all, you can never be too clean with any living space you spend a good chunk of your time in, including your workspace, or can you?

It’s a biologically known fact that living organisms such as our bodies only get stronger and build up resistance and immunity to illnesses and such if exposed to small doses of those illnesses, so clearly there is such a thing as being too clean. Worry not though – we’re not suggesting anyone be slob…

If you carry out a complete, annual Store fit out cleaning from then that course of action is enough to honour the biological principles of applying just the right amount of cleaning and sterilisation. How can you tell? Well, have you ever stopped to wonder just how your office space looks clean as it is continuously cleaned and touched-up throughout the year, even mere days leading up the big annual fit out clean, and yet when the pros come in, the amount of dirt they uncover has you wondering whether they didn’t conjure it out of thin air?

It’s okay for the workspace to look clean at surface level and then really become thoroughly cleaned occasionally, but you have to do your bit to at least keep it tidy between the major cleans. Don’t let things get too dirty, such as hidden dust particles that can accumulate between your keyboards, some debris and dust which can find itself into awkward structural orifices, etc.

Take the time to shake out your keyboard, spray your office chairs, wipe down your mouse and perhaps move your desk once in a while to likely uncover some hidden dirt you may have been oblivious to.

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