How Much Immigration Attorney Cost for Asylum Case at the Court

Immigration costs vary on the immigration type of the case. One of the immigration types that often range from a higher range is asylum applications. An asylum case divides into a defensive and affirmative asylum process. The affirmative asylum process is for seekers who are not in the process of deportation, while the Defensive asylum process is for those who need to defend their stay in the United States in court and prevent removal.

These two different asylum processes also have distinguishing costs in hiring an immigration lawyer. In general, the defensive asylum process is more complex than affirmative. It is more complicated for the immigration lawyer since it requires more court appearances and appeals. It also requires more briefing and filling up of applications to withhold deportation.

Immigration Attorney Cost: Asylum at the Court

Immigration lawyers who defend asylum cases usually charge from $1000 – $6000. This is depending on how difficult your case would be. An asylum case in court ranges differently secondary to being a defensive argument. Deportation defense cases often charges a $2,000 to $15,000 rate on a case-to-case basis. Immigration Lawyers charge a higher fee for court appearances and also briefing and re-checking of allegations. It also includes an initial consultation fee of $100 – $400 based on the amount of time commitment, legal assistance, and arguments of your case.

Before a defense hearing, your lawyer is responsible for checking if any charges against you are not falsified or unrelated to the U.S. Immigration Laws. Also, the possibility of becoming a U.S. citizen, valid proof of persecution that can make you an affirmative asylum seeker, and other possible validations that can help you in court.

As the fee is higher if you are in removal proceedings, every penny contributes to all aspects of services your lawyer can provide you. Immigration lawyers are tasked to find the best feasible argument to help you from being deported from the country or lose in court. Asylum cases in court are the type of cases that requires a legal representative. An attorney can assist you in stating your testimony at court and emphasize why you are being persecuted in your home country. You have lower chances of deportation if the reasons fit the criteria of asylee and refugee in the United States.

A majority of asylum applicants financially struggle. Some opt to have no legal representation at all. However, if you are second-guessing whether to have a lawyer or not due to being financially challenged, many non-profit organizations offer affordable services and free consultations. Although it might take a while for you to find and hire one secondary to its high demand in the market, it would be good to try. Having an attorney in court is the best method for you to represent yourself legally and have a higher possibility of being accepted.


As immigration attorneys find it hard to manage service and cost, some often compromise to meet what you can afford. However, it is still best to set aside any amount you can give to help them do their job better and provide you all that you need. For more information, ask an immigration lawyer near you.