Don’t leave planning for Christmas too late

5 tips for businesses to win this Christmas

While summer holidays may still be fresh in our memory, the last thing many people will want to think about is Christmas, but the time to do so is now. An online money saving and voucher code website found that last year, the average Brit spent £641.90 on Christmas with all the trimmings. People are also open to starting their Christmas shopping earlier, do avoid spending so much in the month before. If you want in on these sales this Christmas then now is the time to start.

After their research revealed some startling figures on how much people spend at Christmas, online voucher code and money saving website My Voucher Codes thought they would share their top tips for businesses to succeed this festive season. They looked at when you should start, how to plan for this major shopping season and also how to learn from previous years to ensure you have the best Christmas shopping period possible.

#1 Start early

The phrase the time is now, is never truer than in retail. You start your prep for summer whilst it’s still snowing outside, so it makes sense to plan for the festive period whilst it’s still hot and sunny inside.

#2 Plan, plan, plan

Stock – look back on the previous festive season, plan what you need and when. Make sure you get in the game early with manufacturers. Bigger stores and companies will have started months ago. It’s not always possible for Small/Medium Businesses (SMB) to be so proactive, but preparing now will ensure your stock levels don’t drop and you don’t lose sales.

Deliveries – set up final delivery dates with the companies you use and ensure they will be able to meet your needs, remembering to learn from the previous year.

Staff – it’s hard getting people to work over Christmas, people with families want to spend time with them, but then you also want to be fair to all employees., Working out a rota early will help your staff get organised. You can then see if or where you need to increase staff levels using agencies or temporary Christmas staff.

Campaigns – start planning and prepping your Christmas marketing campaigns in store and online. For example, you may need banners made for the store or changes to your website which need booking in to ensure they are all ready in time. Do you want to run advertisements in the run up and do you need to make improvements to your physical store or website? Are you planning on running a seasonal promotion?

#3 Community

Getting involved, attend events at town halls, markets and schools broadening your potential customer base. You can do this even if you only have an online presence getting involved with social media events or running seasonal pay per click ads can all help drive business.

#4 Training

Christmas is a hectic time. To ensure you can get through this period smoothly, training is key. Whether it’s refresher training for existing staff or adequate training for new or temporary staff, you need everyone in your team to be up to speed with all procedures, offers and goings on over the festive period.

#5 Give back

Not just to your loyal customers but also your staff. Think about what offers you can give loyal or returning customers this Christmas, whether it’s vouchers, discounts, free delivery or just something small in store. Don’t forget your staff; Christmas can be a stressful time for everyone, so make sure your Christmas spirit is spread to your staff also give back to your staff, whether it’s a Christmas bonus or a Christmas party. If they feel like their hard work over Christmas is appreciated then they will be more productive.

“Christmas is a very busy time across the board, our mantra is plan, plan, plan and you can succeed.”

  • Chris Reilly, General Manager of My Voucher Codes