Closing the Sale as Quickly as You Can

Unless you’re a true pioneer in a specific method of doing something, in this day and age there are perhaps about a million and more other entrepreneurs, businesspersons, companies and even salespersons who could very well give your customers and clients what you provide for them. In some instances they can even undercut you and provide that product or service to your customers at a much lower price due to something like lower production costs or even perhaps living in a country where a dollar goes further due to a lower cost of living.

That’s why it’s important to be able to close the sale as quickly as you can making use of all the tools available to you. With technologies such as 3-D printing and with what is essentially a global workforce on-tap (freelancers from all over the world ready to get paid), your offering could very well be copied and perhaps even improved within a matter of 24 hours, so the competition becomes about getting the customer to buy from you over everyone else.

I mean think about it — if say you were walking down an open-air market where they were selling some really nice goods you might like, would you not buy from the vendor who has a credit card machine on hand and perhaps also offers some sort of term guarantee on the goods over the one who would first have to run around to look for some change? If you put yourself in the shoes of your customers and potential customers in this way, you realise that there’s some simple little details to pay attention to if you want to get ahead.

Something as simple as deploying point of sale systems adds oodles of credibility to even the most informal of operations, but what it also does is introduce the sales offer very early on and sometimes all it takes for an interested party to become a repeat customer is getting that offer within the hottest window period in which customers are most likely to buy.

Otherwise, going beyond the tools offered by the likes of, never hesitate to introduce the sales offer as early as you can, even if it’s just something you touch on for a little while and get back to after you give the full sales pitch and the full reasons why the “customer should buy.”