Why Should You Change Your Corporate Ties by Season?

You might not previously have considered changing your corporate ties by season, and it might seem like an unnecessary hassle. However, swapping to a different tie style at the start of spring and the end of summer can be quite advantageous, and here are just a few reasons why.


Probably the most convincing reason to change your uniform by season is being able to keep your staff more comfortable. This is particularly important if they happen to move around quite a lot, especially if they are expected to be outside or in a relatively cool or warm environment. The style isn’t going to make any impact on comfort, but the material you choose is. Wearing a heavier and less breathable tie material during the summer can feel very hot around the neck, but such a material can act like a small scarf when it’s cold.


Tie styles will also alter subtly from winter to summer, which is why your typical well-dressed man is going to have a number for both seasons. It’s nice if your staff can follow suit; a lighter fabric and more vibrant set of colours is going to work during warmer weather, while heavier and denser fabrics with a more solid colour are going to be nicer during the winter. You can even change things up more noticeably from season to season – this will make your environment feel more dynamic.


Changing corporate ties between seasons is going to make them last a little longer, and not just because each one will only be worn during half the year. The truth is that wearing a wrong tie for the season can cause it to look shabby a lot faster. For example, if you wear a heavier tie during the summer, you can expect it to absorb more sweat around the neck than a lighter one. You’ll need to order new ties in faster, and you’ll need to put up with ties that don’t look as good until they arrive. You’ll also have the opportunity to replace your ties without causing any disruption. If you notice the winter ones are worn, simply order in a new batch and have them ready to hand out when that season rolls around once again.