Case Study – A Practical Guide Monetising Your Passion

You’ve probably heard it about a thousand times and more, that the secret to happiness resides in finding your passion, pursuing it and then finding a way to get paid for pursuing that which you love most. If it’s really possible though, then why aren’t more people citing getting paid for pursuing their passion as the key to their happiness? Well the answer is it’s not as easy as it’s made out to be, not so much the part about being able to find a way to monetise your passion, but rather the bit about first finding your true passion.


The truth is most people aren’t entirely honest about what their true passion is, mostly because they either haven’t found their true passion or they just believe their true passion cannot be monetised. Taking into account a case study of someone who is passionate about cars, this is perhaps a good topic to look at in order to try and come up with ways of monetising this passion.

Employment Options

This is usually where people first look when they seek to monetise their passion, but direct employment presents very few scenarios which allow for the monetisation of one’s true passion, unless you’re a qualified mechanical engineer who has some money lying around which you can pour into perhaps developing a new car. Otherwise working as something like a car salesperson will very quickly get boring since this isn’t really a job which has anything really to do with cars themselves, but rather sales and marketing. Working for a specialist dealership would be particularly boring because you’ll be reciting the exact same specs, features and prices over and over again.

For someone whose passion does indeed lie in cars, if direct employment is the chosen way to monetise that passion, the job would have to involve testing the finished product from the point of view of the consumer and there’d probably have to be a lot of variety to keep things exciting.

Become an Expert

If you don’t have a pile of money lying around to pour into a venture related to your passion, like perhaps developing a brand new car to compete for market share, and if the direct-employment route presents too little options for you to truly explore your passion, the best way to approach monetising your passion takes the form of becoming an expert. I’m not talking about upgrading your mechanical engineering degree or anything along the lines of writing a thesis, but rather just blogging about it or creating some content for a website dedicated to everything that has to do with what you’re passionate about.

Content creation for the web is all about creating value for the reader, which then presents a lot of great opportunities for monetisation through direct advertising, pay-per-click advertising and even affiliate selling. For a car enthusiast’s blog for example, practical topics such as how poor credit can affect your chances of getting car finance are the type of discussions which are particularly valuable to the reader, attracting more eyes, which in-turn attracts more paying advertisers.