Boost Productivity with More Collaborative Workspaces

Modern workplaces are collective spaces where employees share and motivate each other for better results. Gone are the days when every employee would stare constantly at his table, working till his shift is over. Workplaces are changing and becoming spaces for creativity and collaboration for making ideas come to life.

A recent survey into the design of office spaces has revealed that open and flexible office spaces actually encourage collaborative work. If you want to improve the cultural satisfaction dimensions of your office, start creating flexible office spaces with seating alternatives, moveable furniture and dedicate space for thinking and ideating.

But what are the key cultural satisfaction dimensions that you should focus on?

They are:

  • Learning & development
  • Idea generation
  • Putting ideas into action
  • Managing individual performance
  • Team dynamics

Let’s talk to The Plastic People and find out how these new and open office designs are working towards better employee satisfaction.

Collaborative thinking is the key

Your employees should work with each other, not against each other to get that next promotion. When there is cut-throat competition at the workplaces, employees would frequently be resentful. Instead, you should develop a culture of collaboration where everyone gets what they deserve. Every project you undertake will demand collaborative work from your employees. Why not build open workspaces where your employees can come and share their ideas and work techniques. This will help them feel more at ease.

Generating ideas

Keep your employees in the loop and let them share their ideas about improvement regularly. This would encourage them to think more about their workspace and their company. Hold idea generation meetings regularly. Let your employees’ share their concerns related to the business and let them find the answers to their most common problems too. Let employees from different departments work together in teams. This helps in building a great company culture.

A physical thinking space

Many businesses have awoken to the idea of creating physical thinking spaces within their organization. This helps in keeping employees motivated. Employees who remain at their desk all day long will eventually tire of it. Ensure that your employees have physical thinking spaces where they can sit aside and relax. They should be able to work on new ideas and even talk with others if they wanted to. Allow some snacks in the thinking room too. Don’t worry about the spoiled furniture tops. Just use plastic sheets to handle any spills or food crumbs.

Make employee satisfaction a top priority

When you follow the steps mentioned above, you create a safe and sane space for your employees to collaborate and talk to each other. Group thinking sessions, collaborative spaces, thinking spaces and idea generation meetings help your employees in getting the best out of their talents. They will be more active in the projects. Consequently, they will also be able to more willing to use their skills for the betterment of the company.

Remember, bonding of the employees, regardless of the kind of work they are doing is really essential. You want everyone to feel important and suggest that their work is being valued in your organization. Failing this, employee turnover will be very high.