5 Top Trends in Office Fitouts For 2014


Whether you’re looking to replace some current pieces or are starting from scratch, everyone wants what’s the most cutting edge. To keep you on top of what’s trending in office fitouts in Melbourne this year, here are the 5 top trends in workplace furniture this year:

1. Modular Desks
Workplaces are quickly starting to realize the importance and benefits of collaboration over working independently, and so a growing number of businesses are beginning to adopt designs and furniture which help encourage and increase interaction between coworkers. Modular desks are one of the most popular choices this year, particularly as they can easily be arranged and then rearranged into different configurations based on different business needs.

2. Tuck Away Spaces in Chairs
Everyone’s going mobile these days, which is why more and more office chairs are beginning to incorporate little tuck away pockets for items such as tablets and smartphones. This makes it all the more easy for executives to quickly check messages and answer emails.

3. Colour, Colour Everywhere
Forget the standard black and grey office furniture. Workplaces are becoming all the more colourful, branding their furniture so that it matches the messaging and branding of the overall business. Not only does this help create one distinct message, but having colours also helps keep the creativity flowing amongst your staff.

4. Going Green
Many companies are doing their part in trying to help sustain the planet, which is what is making “green” or eco-friendly furniture in the workplace incredibly popular.

5. Comfortable Seating in the Break Room
No longer are break rooms a place where the “reject” chairs from 5 years ago are placed. Businesses are finally realizing the importance of allowing their staff to have a good, solid break and are replacing that archaic furniture from the past with incredibly comfortable newoffice furniture that is welcoming and supportive.