5 Mistakes You Should Avoid in 2017!

This year is fast drawing to a close and we are all set to mark our entry into yet another year. The New Year brings along renewed hope, refreshed energies and a set of resolutions for the future. However, aside from all the fun and frolic that is being planned to welcome the new year, it is about time we reflect on this year’s happenings, how we made it through and what we might have done to make it end better.


A self-catharsis at this time of the year is a good way to muster our strengths that helped us improve and leave the overburdened baggage of sorrows and regrets behind to start the year in an optimistic and rejuvenated spirit. Here’s an insight into some common mistakes that you might have made and which you should avoid repeating next year. Read on.

  • Poor Time Management

Time is a precious commodity that cannot be revoked, reversed or regained, even if you put all other resources at stake. Reflect back on the past 11 months or so and the regular habits and schedules that you generally followed. Figure out the number of hours each day that went in the drain simply because you took them for granted and kept things on hold. All minutes that are regularly lost cumulate and translate into hours, days and weeks that might have been used productively. Pledge to take better care of your time next year.

  • Not Utilizing the Opportunities

Not having any goals is one thing, but when you have goals and you are not doing anything to achieve them is no less than a homicide. Your dreams and goals attract opportunities. Each time you miss a relevant opportunity, a part of your dream dies. It is important to realize that whatever’s coming your way, is coming for a reason. How you make use of it is all in your own hands.

  • Staying Contended on Your Skillset

We cannot seclude ourselves from the rat race or competition. Whether it is the academics or your professional life, relying on your current skills to get you through the intensifying competition is nothing different that a blind man’s fantasy. Today, in order to sustain your mark and to excel, you need a penchant for learning and growth. You must polish your skills in hand and by analysing the trending winds, acquire new expertise and skills to keep yourself up in the game.

  • Taking Future for Granted

As the world is incessantly growing more uncertain than ever, it has become more important to plan your future. It is not just about the usual daydreaming about how you will become a billionaire or how you will start your own family in 5 years. It is about practical and realistic planning and preparing in advance for the curve balls life may throw at you in future. You might lose your job or face a critical situation; life’s unpredictable but a little planning beforehand helps you efficiently get through the unfavourable circumstances. Freedom Insurance helps you prepare for the rainy days of life through affordable accidental, mortgage and income protection plans to help you overcome the potential adversities and get you through like a boss.