5 Cubicle-Friendly Plants: Making You And Your Cubicles More Cheerful And Bright

Multiple researches in the past have established that plants do indeed boost productivity and staff wellbeing at the work place by making employees feel less fatigued and tired. Office plants are a great way to bring more colours to a boring office and even work as excellent partitions to give employees some privacy. It is a low investment option that offers multiple benefits, making it a suitable choice to reap more ROI.


But not all plants survive in the indoors. Even if they do, their size, outgrowth pattern and pollen emission makes it uncomfortable for employees to be around them. So what can be done if a plant is all you need to keep yourself upbeat and happy? It’s simple – get one for your cubicle! Yes, there are many cubicle-friendly plants which require very little care and don’t touch the office ceilings in the course of a few months. In this article, we are going to take a look at 5 such plants which are ideal for your cubicle.

Peace Lilies

Peace lilies are one of the best indoor plants as their ability to survive during harsh weather and low-light conditions makes them the ideal candidate for your cubicle. They can even thrive under incandescent bulbs and only need to be watered once every week. The only drawback is that these aren’t actual lilies; rather, they are modified leaves made to resemble them.


If there is anything that can take on the harsh weather in a rainforest and still survive without sunlight by absorbing water from its roots, it is ferns. So, anything that can survive that weather can surely survive in the offices too, which is why they are also another great addition to your cubicle. Better yet, you won’t have any difficulty in finding them as they are in abundance in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.


It happily grows even under moderate office lighting conditions. All one has to do is water its stick and let it grow. They will survive for years and will make your work desk more attractive. When it starts to wear out, you can always put it in some soil. However, when planting bamboo in soil, be very careful as it can take over your workstation, claiming its dominance in no time. In simpler terms, it grows VERY fast.


Another smart choice, Oxalis is available in an abundance of colours, with each one having its own charm. If we were to name the happiest plant, it would have to be oxalis. It even curls up its leaves in a clover-like shape, reminding its owner that it is time to rap up work and head back home.

Jade Plants

Commonly known as the money plant, jade plants are succulent and thrive in low-lighting environments. So, if your office doesn’t have a window, this is the one you need to get. Featuring shiny and plum leaves, it is itself a sight to behold. Surprisingly, it also grows at a slower place; so, you won’t have to worry about it peaking at your co-worker’s desk any time soon. However, they do need a little bit of caring every now and then. So, make sure you water it regularly.

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