4 key steps towards Zero-Waste Shopping that will save you Money with Brown Paper Bags

The products we consume on a day to day basis affect the planet we live on. Shopping then can often lead to us producing a large amount of waste as food manufacturers seem intent on using a lot of plastic in the packaging of our food. With all this considered, how can you take steps towards a completely zero waste shopping experience with a few jars and a humble brown paper bag?

Step 1: Make sure you have some Jars and your phone

This may seem a little odd but bringing old jam jars to the grocery store can be a great help towards environmental sustainability. Loose items like pasta and salads can be weighed without the need of a plastic container or paper bag. This will save you a bit of recycling and help the planet.

Another small step to take is to simply remember to bring your phone. This will help you to add notes and prices from your groceries and create a digital shopping list; reducing the amount of waste paper you end up with at home.

Step 2: Bring some Brown Paper Bags

One issue often put forward with sustainable shopping is how you separate the produce in your basket. Well if you remember to bring some brown paper bags this will save you from having to carry your fruit and veg in plastic wrappers.  These can also be used to carry other shopping too and you will be supporting supermarkets that have already made the switch to paper bags.

Step 3: Buy products with minimum packaging

This can be a hard step to take depending on your diet. Many meat-based products use a lot of packaging so going for primarily veg based options will reduce the amount of plastic in your home. However, making sure that the packaging you do use is recyclable is a good alternative.

Step 4: Support Environmentally Sustainable Stores

These stores may at first be difficult to spot however keep an eye out for some of the tell-tale signs of a sustainable store. Are they using brown paper bags instead of plastic ones, are they sticking to products with minimum packaging? Shopping at one of these stores will make your life a whole lot easier as you.

Find Paper Products to make your life easier

As shown making the switch to a zero waste shopping experience will save you time and money. Finding brown paper bags that are of fantastic quality will make the task easier as you will be able to carry more whilst saving the planet.