3 Key Tips for Acquiring Real Estate Abroad

Majority of people who have had a chance to travel abroad and experience various cultures have been tempted into purchasing property somewhere overseas. Some people decide to buy a foreign property in one of the top tropical destinations with the ambition to escape the cold climate they live in from time to time. Others look for more affordable property with the aim to invest in it as its price might increase substantially over time. Buying a house in some far destination can be a long and sometimes exhausting process and it requires careful planning so as to avoid the risk of legal pitfalls. Whatever your motivation for buying a property overseas might be, you can make this lifelong dream come true by following a few tips that will help you make the right choice.


Seek advice from a professional legal representative

Buying a property in some foreign destination is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to many people. As some of us might be unfamiliar with foreign real estate market, buying a real estate directly from the owners might lead to a misunderstanding and can involve additional expenses that you surely want to avoid. Therefore, before making an endeavor to buy a foreign property, it’s necessary for you to consult a professional real estate agent as he might guide you through the whole process, make sure you are properly informed about all the details and, finally, help you make the right decision. However, bear in mind that there are various real estate agents who work for commission and that their single goal is to sell the property and earn as much money as possible. Usually the agent sells the property but he pockets the difference which can reach almost 30 % of the entire sum. Also, it’s advisable to hire an independent professional attorney. They will help you overcome any potential legal problems you might encounter.

Do some extensive market research

Any life decision requires an extensive and careful research. Before buying a property, it is extremely important to spend some time investigating the market since sinking hard cash into an overseas property usually comes with some risk. While some property values might be rising in some parts of the world, somewhere else they might be dramatically falling. In other words, they can be independent of each other. Therefore, if you’re tempted into buying a dream property somewhere abroad, you need to thoroughly investigate local real estate markets and check not only the changes in property prices in the last few years but also the future predictions. Moreover, check if you’re allowed to own a property in that specific country, as some countries limit real estate ownership by foreigners. Naturally, prior to buying a property check the currency exchange rate and the financial economic state of the country where you wish to make a purchase. Regardless of what your preferences are, set some time aside and do not rush into any decisions before you’re absolutely certain than you are adequately informed about all the details of the potential purchase.

Have all the necessary documentation translated

Finally, in order to make sure you perfectly understand the legal system, hire an independent translator that will help you understand the language of the country in which you are intending to buy a property. Moreover, before signing any relevant documentation, it’s essential to have it translated in order to clearly understand all the details of the possible real estate transaction. Make sure you hire a professional independent translator and avoid using an interpreter recommended by the agent or the lawyer.